Redefining Thai Cuisine

A blog dedicated to all things Thai cuisine. Brought to you by the team at Osha Thai.

  • Introducing an Elevated Thai Brunch at Osha Thai Thai fusion brunch with Bottomless Rose mimosas. We are thrilled to bring you this entirely new culinary experience in our newly redesigned restaurant.Brunch is served daily: Monday - Friday 11am - 3pmSaturday + Sunday 11am - 4pm RESERVATIONS VIEW THE MENU

  • Osha Thai Celebrates 27 Years with Interior Design Refresh and new brunch program Osha Thai, acclaimed San Francisco restaurant known for its contemporary riffs on authentic Thai cuisine since 1996, is thrilled to announce the grand unveiling of its revamped interior design and¬†elevated Thai brunch program. This full-scale refresh promises to

  • Osha's Farm-to-table experience: A GLIMPSE inside chef Lalita's Garden As the summer sun shines down, Osha Thai is thrilled to introduce our Farm-to-Table program, a culinary experience that takes you on a delightful journey from Chef Lalita's bountiful garden, straight to your plate. In this unique initiative, we proudly showcase the

  • The HISTORY of Pad Thai Pad Thai, with its harmonious blend of flavors and vibrant colors, has become an international symbol of Thai cuisine. This beloved dish has a rich and fascinating history that stretches back several centuries. Today, we'll embark on a culinary journey to discover the origins of Pad

  • Celebrating 27 Years of Osha Thai: Anniversary Menu San Francisco, CA | For over two decades, Osha Thai has been a culinary beacon across San Francisco, enchanting diners with its modern riffs on authentic Thai flavors and innovative creations. As Executive Chef Lalita Souksamlane commemorates her 27th anniversary, she introduces a

  • A Heavenly Journey through Thai Desserts at Osha Thai Osha Thai's cuisine has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts around the world with its vibrant flavors and unique combinations. While savory dishes like Pad Thai and Volcanic Beef often steal the spotlight, Thai desserts are equally deserving of our attention. Today, we


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