Osha's Farm-to-table experience: A GLIMPSE inside chef Lalita's Garden

As the summer sun shines down, Osha Thai is thrilled to introduce our Farm-to-Table program, a culinary experience that takes you on a delightful journey from Chef Lalita’s bountiful garden, straight to your plate. In this unique initiative, we proudly showcase the vibrant flavors of the freshest fruits and vegetables handpicked from Chef Lalita’s personal garden at Bann at Oak Knoll Napa, and prepared with love in the dishes at Osha Thai.

"It brings me great joy to offer a truly personal
farm-to-table experience" - Chef Lalita

The Garden

The garden is located at Chef Lalita’s boutique Bed & Breakfast, Bann at Oak Knoll. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Napa Valley, Bann serves as both a tranquil retreat for visitors, and a thriving garden that cultivates the fruits and vegetables that grace our dishes. This hidden gem boasts lush gardens that are meticulously cared for by Chef Lalita. From the moment you step foot into this culinary oasis, you are greeted by vibrant colors, aromatic scents, and a sense of connection to the land. It is here that the magic of farm-to-table dining comes to life. 

Grown with Love

Chef Lalita’s personal garden is a testament to her passion for sustainable and organic farming practices. Every seed planted and every harvest carefully selected is infused with love and attention to detail. The warm California sun and fertile soil of Napa Valley provide the perfect environment for her crops to flourish. As a result, the fruits and vegetables that find their way onto your plate at Osha Thai are bursting with flavor and unmatched freshness.

Farm to Table Dining

At Osha Thai, our farm-to-table philosophy goes beyond a mere trend; it is a way of life. We believe that by sourcing our produce locally and directly from Chef Lalita’s garden, we are not only delivering exceptional flavors but also supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 

We invite you to take a moment and reflect on the journey that brought those ingredients to your plate. Chef Lalita’s personal garden is a testament to the dedication and passion behind our farm-to-table experience. Grown with love and care, these fruits and vegetables are the heart and soul of our cuisine. We look forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with you and creating unforgettable dining experiences that celebrate the beauty of nature and the culinary arts.



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