Osha Napa Menu


Thai Brunch

Introducing an Elevated Thai Brunch — an exquisite fusion of traditional American-style breakfast with a unique Thai twist. 

Tuesday – Sunday 
All Day Long

Thai Roti Banana 19

A tower of "Thai Roti" pastry served with coconut & banana, foster cream, seasonal berries

Thai Pandan Pancakes 20

Fluffy pancakes with Thai Pandan cream and fresh berries

Pad Thai Sunrise 25

Osha's chicken Pad Thai, ground peanut, served with sunny-side-up egg

Dungeness Crab Omelet 35

Dungeness crab meat omelet served over kimchi fried rice

Lobster "Yellow Sea" 38

Buttered poached lobster meat stir-fried with Thai yellow egg curry served over warm Udon noodles & sunny-side up egg

"Thai Tea" French Toast 20

Acme's "Challah" bread Thai tea-style French toast, fresh seasonal berries, Thai tea cream

Eggs Royale 22

"Smoked Salmon Benedict" with Atlantic smoked salmon, avocado, poached egg, Hollandaise sauce and mixed salad

Pork Belly Noodles 27

"Tom Yum" spicy dried noodles with crispy pork belly and sunny-side-up egg

Basil Scallop and Cloudy Egg 37

Jumbo scallops in Thai basil & shallot sauce and cloudy egg over jasmine rice

Kobe Steak & Eggs 45

"Snake River Farms" Kobe-style beef grilled to perfection served with bacon fried rice and sunny-side-up eggs


Served Tuesday – Friday from 11am – 3pm


Fresh Salad Rolls / Vegetable Crispy Rolls

Main Course (Select 1 Item)
Spicy Basil Chicken

Wok minced chicken, Thai basil, bell peppers, garlic-chili brown sauce, fried egg served over rice

Garlic Pepper Pork

Wok fried sliced Canadian pork loin, Gilroy garlic, black pepper, fried egg, house sriracha and rice

Yellow Curry

Creamy yellow curry, Yukon gold potatoes, onion and choice of chicken or tofu served over rice

Beer Braised Chicken

Beer infused chicken breast served over jasmine rice and delicious garlic-chili chimichurri sauce with cucumber garnish

Beef Cashew Nuts

Wok premium flank steak, cashew nuts, smoked chili, kaffir lime leaves and onion served over rice

Pad Thai

Stir-fried fresh rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, chives, tofu in tamarind reduction, peanuts, lime and choice of chicken or Tofu

Drunken Noodles

Spicy thick rice noodle stir-fried, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, basil, tomato and choice of chicken or tofu



Triangles Tofu 14

Crispy Japanese tofu with peanut brittle dressing

Osha Fresh Spring Rolls 16

Prawns, lettuce, mint and carrot wrapped in fresh rice paper with peanut dipping sauce (Tofu Version Available)

Angel Wings 18

Crispy chicken wings with garlic-tamarind caramel

Osha's Wontons 18

Steamed hand rolls shrimp and chicken in Osha's spicy peanut soy dressing

Herbal Pork Belly 19

Crispy pork belly tossed with garlic, kaffir lime, and pandan leaves

Fried Octopus 19

Street-style fried octopus with sweet plum & wasabi cream

Crispy Vegetable Rolls 15

Glass noodles, shiitake mushroom, cabbage, carrot with leafy greens, peanut brittle dipping sauce

Chicken Satay 18

Coconut yellow curry glazed chicken skewers served with peanut sauce, toasts, and cucumber salad

Beef Wasabi Rolls 19

Carrot, celery, mint wrapped in sliced grilled flank steak with spring mix salad & Osha's secret wasabi dressing

Salmon Avocado Rolls 19

Crispy salmon rolls, Thai basil, Tobiko caviar, and avocado with cilantro aioli

Tuna Tower 19

Yellow Fin Tuna tartare, mango, avocado, toasted garlic, Sriracha-sesame sauce served with crispy wonton

"Tom Kha" Coconut Mussels 21

Steamed fresh mussels in Thai lemongrass coconut broth served with toasted baguette


One Person Size | Substitute with prawns (+$3)

Tom Yum

Hot & Sour soup with chicken, lemongrass, galangal, mushroom, and cherry tomatoes

Tom Kha

Traditional coconut soup, chicken, lemongrass, galangal, Kaffir lime, and mushroom


Papaya Salad 18

Shredded green papaya, Thai chili, cherry tomatoes, crushed peanut with tamarind lime dressing

Kurobuta Pork "Nam Tok" 23

Grilled Kurobuta pork shoulder tossed with rice powder, onion, cilantro, and mint

Chiang-Mai Lettuce Wrap 22

Famous Northern-style chicken Larb, lettuce wrap with aromatic herb, onion, and fresh leafy greens

Scallop & Mango Salad 32

Grilled bay scallops with mango, apple, cherry tomatoes, shallots, cashew nuts, with Thai chili dressing


Pad See You 22

Thick rice noodles stir-fried w/ fresh broccoli, egg, black soybean sauce, and your choice of chicken or tofu

Drunken Noodles 24

Spicy thick rice noodles stir-fried with broccoli, shiitake mushroom, basil, tomato and bell pepper with your choice of chicken of tofu

Royal Pad Thai 23

Stir-fried "Zen Chan" fresh rice noodles, chicken, egg, bean sprouts, chives, tofu in a tamarind reduction sauce with peanuts and lime (Substitute w/ Prawns add $5)

Pineapple Fried Rice 26

Prawns and chicken pineapple fried rice, egg, tomatoes, onions, cashew nuts, raisins and cucumber garnish


Chicken Noodle Soup 19

Rice stick noodle, sliced chicken, spinach, bean sprout, boiled egg in classic clear broth

Thai Boat Noodle Soup 24

Rice stick noodles, braised beef stew, beef meat balls, bean sprout, spinach, boiled egg in spicy beef broth

Khao Soi Beef Short Ribs 32

Thai Northern-style egg noodles curry soup, red onion, pickled cabbage, lime, crispy noodles and boiled egg

Osha's Tom Yum Noodles Soup 22

Rice stick noodles, shrimps, fish meat balls, minced chicken, peanuts, bean sprout, boiled egg in hot & sour tom yum broth

Duck & Noodles 27

Honey roasted duck, egg noodles, bok choy, garlic oil, boiled egg and cinnamon hoisin sauce


Yellow Curry 25

Creamy yellow curry, Yukon gold potatoes, onion with choice of tofu or chicken served with cucumber salad and rice

Panang Beef Curry 28

Slow cooked USDA certified flank beef, Thai basil, Kaffir lime leaf in coconut red curry with boiled egg and rice

Pumpkin Curry 26

Delicious red curry with garden Kabocha pumpkin, Thai basil, red pepper with your choice of chicken or tofu and rice

Bangkok Roti 34

Green curry, braised beef short rib, purple eggplant, Thai basil, red bell pepper with boiled egg and roti pastry


Spicy Eggplants 21

Wok-fried purple eggplants, Thai basil, bell pepper with spicy sauce and rice (Choice of tofu or chicken - add $3)

Vegetables Clay Pot 23

Lightly battered Japanese tofu, shiitake mushroom, onion, celery, and bok choy in a lemongrass sauce served in a lava stone bowl with rice


Spicy Thai Basil 26

Wok fried minced chicken, Thai basil, garlic-chili brown sauce, fried egg, and rice

Garlic & Pepper Pork 27

Wok fried sliced Canadian pork loin, Gilroy garlic, black pepper, fried egg, house sriracha and rice

Volcanic Beef 34

Osha's Signature dish since 1997. Wok-fried grilled premium USDA certified flank steak, Thai basil, bell pepper in Lava sauce served with onion tempura and rice

Lalita's Fried Chicken & Papaya salad 38

Chef Lalita’s famous fried chicken, peanuts-papaya salad with sweet chili dip and “Thai Pandan” sticky rice

Honey Ginger Chicken 27

Clay pot chicken in honey and ginger caramel served with boiled egg and rice

Smoked Duck 27

“Maple Leaf Farms” smoked duck breast, boiled egg, cinnamon hoisin sauce, cucumber consommé and rice

"Ka Pow" Lamb Chops 35

New Zealand lamb chops grilled to perfection with Thai basil "Ka Pow" spicy sauce and 2-tone rice

Kobe Steak 44

"Snake River Farms" Kobe-style beef grilled to perfection served with black pepper shiitake mushroom, crispy shallots and rice


Angry Prawns 29

Sautéed jumbo River Prawns with curry reduction, young peppercorn served over roasted eggplant in a lava stone bowl with rice

Tom-Yum Seafood Paella 33

New Zealand mussels, prawns, calamari, scallop in “Tom Yum” hot and spicy fried rice and boiled egg

Tamarind King Salmon 29

Grilled King Salmon, cherry tomato, onion, cauliflower, broccoli and pineapple - tamarind caramel sauce, served with rice

Chilean Sea Bass Clay Pot 39

Chilean sea bass, Thai lemongrass sauce, Kaffir lime leaf, jalapeno steamed in a Japanese clay pot served with rice


Bok Choy 15

Wok fried bok choy with garlic sauce

Pa-Ram (Peanut Bomb) 15

Warm spinach with curry peanut sauce

Mushroom 15

Wok-fried assorted mushrooms with garlic sauce

Osha's Desserts

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Banana Spring Rolls 14

Classic crispy banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream

Matcha Lava Cake 17

Tailor-made warm matcha lava cake from beloved U Dessert Story with Matcha ice cream and fresh seasonal berries

Thai Tea French Toast 20

Acmes "Challah" bread Thai tea style French toast, fresh seasonal berries, Thai tea ice cream (Add coconut ice cream +$2)

Mango & Sticky Rice 15

Traditional coconut sweet Thai pandan sticky rice, wrapped in ripe mango, topped with coconut cream

Thai Roti Banana 19

A tower of Thai roti pastry served with coconut & banana foster cream, fresh seasonal berries (Add coconut ice cream +$2)

Happy Hour Menu

Served Tuesday to FRIDAY 5pm - 7pm
Truffle French Fries 9

French fries tossed w/ pesto truffle dust

Chicken Wings 10

Crispy chicken wings tossed w/ tamarind caramel

Beef Jerky 11

Sun dried one day Hanger steak beef jerky

Local House Wines 8

Selected Red + White + Sparkling

Special Priced Cocktails 9
Singha Beer 5
Tom Yum Craft Beer 7

Signature cocktails

with Soft Alcohol

Lychee Tini 14

“Han” Soju Vodka, Fresh Lychee, Lemon Soda, Grenadine

Mai Thai 14

“Han” Soju Rum + Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Pom-Grenadine

Mango Margarita 14

“Han” Soju Tequila, Mango-Lime Soda, Chili Salt

Strawberry-Jito 14

"Kumiho" Gin, Fresh Strawberries, Mint and Lime to taste

Purple Lemonade (Zero Alcohol) 14

House Made Fizz Lemonade, Purple Butterfly Pea Flower

Please advise your server if anyone in your party has food allergies

– Corkage fee $30 per 750ml at 2 bottles per party
– A gratuity of 18% may be added for parties of 5 or more.
– Limit of 3 credit cards per table
– We are not responsible for lost or stolen article


Thai Iced Tea 7
Vietnamese Iced Coffee 8
Thai Lemon Iced Tea 9
Fresh Young Coconut Juice 12
Still Water Agua Panna 750ml 8
Sparkling Water Agua Panna 750ml 8
Soda 6

Coke // Diet Coke // Sprite

Osha's Herbal Tea



Osha Thai “Tom Yum” Beer 12

American Wheat Ale / Limited Craft / CA (ABV 5%)

Singha 10

Premium Lager Beer / Imported from Thailand / (ABV 5%)


Beginnings (Sparkling)
Glass / Bottle
Jeio Bisol/Prosecco/Italy/NV
JCB N°21/ Brut/French/NV JCB N°21/ Brut/French/NV
Domaine Carneros/Brut/Napa/2018
Brut Champagne / Veuve Clicquot / France / NV
Brut Imperial / Moët & Chandon / France / NV
Ascending (Whites)
Glass / Bottle
Etude / Pinot Cris / Carneros / 2019
14 / 58
Bread & Butter / Sauvignon Blanc / CA / 2022
14 / 58
St. Supery/Sauvignon Blanc/Dollarhide/Napa/2021
15 / 61
Hall / Sauvignon Blanc / Napa / 2021
/ 68
Bouchon / Chardonnay / California / 2022
13 / 55
Stags' Leap / Chardonnay / Napa / 2020
/ 68
Frank Family / Chardonnay / Carneros / 2021
/ 88
Materra / Viognier / Napa / 2022
14 / 58
Gundlach / Dry Gewurztraminer / Sonoma / 2022
15 / 61
OVR / Old Vine Riesling / California / 2020
13 / 55
COBB / Dry Riesling / Mendocino / 2019
13 / 55
Romerhof / Riesling / Kabinett / Germany / 2020
13 / 55
Schloss Vollards / Riesling / Spatlese / Germany / 2017
15 / 61
Elevating (Reds)
Glass / Bottle
Materra "Midnight" / Red Blend / Napa / 2019
14 / 58
Artesa / Pinot Noir / Carneros / 2020
14 / 58
Walt "Blue Jay" / Pinot Noir / Anderson Valley / 2020
/ 65
Frank Family/ Pinot Noir/ Carneros/ 2019
/ 98
Sterling Vineyards / Merlot / Napa / 2019
13 / 55
Seghesio/ Zinfandel/ Sonoma/ 2021
13 / 55
Neyers / Zinnfandel / Vista Norte / CA / 2019
14 / 58
Round Pond "Kith & Kin / Cabernet Sauvignon / Napa / 2021
14 / 48
Buehler / Cabernet Sauvignon / Napa / 2019
14 / 58
St. Supery / Cabernet Sauvignon / Napa / 2019
/ 78
Cakebread / Cabernet Sauvignon / Napa / 2019
/ 118
Opus One / Red Wine / Napa / 2019
/ 490
Building (Rosé)
Glass / Bottle
Materra / Yoshino/Rose / Napa / 2021
13 / 55
Hogwash / Rosé / California / 2022
13 / 55
Skylark "Pink Belly"/ Rose/ Mendocino / 2021
13 / 55

Please advise your server if anyone in your party has food allergies

– Corkage fee $30 per 750ml at 2 bottles per party
– A gratuity of 18% may be added for parties of 5 or more.
– Limit of 3 credit cards per table
– We are not responsible for lost or stolen article


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