Sizzling Tom Yum Seafood NEW

Wok-fried assorted fresh seafood, lemongrass, galangal, mushroom, tomato and hot & sour reduction served on sizzling plate

Angry Prawn 

Sautéed River prawns with curry paste and Kaffir lime leaf served over fried eggplant on a hot plate

Crisp Salmon

Crispy salmon topped with caramelized onion, mango, and pineapple red bell pepper, yam and crispy Thai basil 

Osha's Sea

Prawns, salmon, scallops calamari, mussels and crab claws with a thick spicy curry sauce and light coconut milk over roasted eggplant 

Lemongrass Sea Bass 

Steamed marinated sea bass with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf topped with fried lemongrass served in a clay pot

Grilled Sea Bass 

Glazed with sweet hot mustard, served with steamed baby bok choy and homemade spicy tangy sauce

Heavenly Sea Bass

Steamed fillet Chilean sea bass, lemongrass, basil, mushroom, and spring cabbage topped with Asian style spicy garlic lime dressing