OSHA Shaved Ice (NEW)

Mango Tango
Mango and sticky rice with mango ice cream, mango puree, cream of coconut and mango shaved-ice

Thai Tea Icy
Thai tea AKA “Cha-Yen” with Thai tea ice cream, palm seed, lychee, grass jelly and Thai tea shaved-ice


Fried Banana and Ice Cream
Crispy banana spring rolls served with choice of Vanilla or coconut ice cream

Mango Sticky Rice (seasonal)
Sweet sticky rice served with mango topped with coconut cream

Chocolate Soufflé & Thai Tea Ice Cream
Warm chocolate cake with a heart of creamy "A" grade chocolate served with Thai tea ice cream

Osha’s Herbal Tea Collection

Jasmine Tea and Stevia
A sweet and perfumy tea from Chiang-mai province of Thailand infused with the delicate scent of jasmine flowers notes of jasmine in bloom on a summer evening

Golden Apple Tea
The exotic flavor of Golden Apple Tea gives the best relaxation drink with its traditional therapeutic benefits

Lemongrass Tea
The delightful aroma of Thai Lemongrass enhances mental clarity for anytime

Butterfly Pea and Pandan Tea
Nam Dok Anchan is the traditional Thai welcome drink made up of butterfly pea or Thai Blue Flower with the addition of lemon

Caffe & After Meal



Port & Dessert Wine

Yalumba Antique Tawny

Quinta De La Rosa Tawny

Porto e Douro /20yr
CLA Special Reserve Porto

Moscato d’Asti
Stren Marenco


Cognac, Hennessy, VS

Cognac, Courvoisier, VS

Whisky & Single Malt

Macallan Flight
Macallan 12,15 and 18 year

Glenlivet Flight
Glenlivet 12,15 and 16 year

Laphroig, 10 year, Single Islay

Lagavulin, 16 year, Single Islay

Old Potrero, 18th Century style SF

Hudson, Single Malt, NYC