Vegetable noodle soup

Fresh tofu, broccoli, bok choy in classic clear chicken broth

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken and bok choy in classic clear chicken both

Osha tom yum noodle soup 

Pork balls, fish cakes, BBQ pork, minced chicken, peanut, boiled egg W/ hot & sour tom yum broth

Chiang-Mai Khao Soi 

Northern style Thai curry noodle soup, red onion, pickled W/ boiled egg, egg noodles and choice of chicken or beef

Duck Noodle Soup

Roasted duck W/ bok choy, boiled egg and 5-spice broth

Grilled Kobe Steak & Spicy Miso Noodle Soup 

"Snake River Farms" Kobe-style beef grilled to perfection, boiled egg W/ bok choy and spicy miso broth

Emporer noodles

Kurobuta pork belly, BBQ pork, crispy pork belly, boiled egg, pork ball W/ egg noodles and classic clear broth