Vegetarian Crispy Roll
Silver noodles, dried mushrooms, cabbage and carrots served with sweet & sour plum dipping

Osha Fresh Spring Rolls
Shrimp, lettuce, mint wrapped in fresh rice paper and homemade peanut dipping

Frog Legs
Crispy frog leg tossed with Gilroy garlic, sea salt and black pepper

Duck Rolls
Roasted duck rolled with cucumber, green onion, cilantro, carrotand tortilla served with cinnamon hoisin dipping

Thai Samosa
Potato, carrot, curry and onion in a pot sticker wrapper served with fresh cucumber salad

Herbal Chicken Wings
Deep-fried chicken wings tossed with spice herb truffle salt served with our homemade sauce

Lamb & Chicken Satay
Marinated chicken and lamb with Thai curry powder served with peanut sauce and fresh cucumber salad

Beef Wasabi Rolls
Carrot, celery and mint wrapped in sliced grilled premium flank steak served with watercress salad

Dungeness Crab Rangoon
Crispy wonton filled with Dungeness crab meat, cream cheese water chestnuts, onion, carrot served with plum dipping

Firecracker Prawns
Southeast Asian-Style Grilled Prawns with Aromatic Herbs served with spicy lime vinaigrette

Ahi Tuna Wasabi NEW
Pan-seared sesame crusted Ahi Tuna served with crispy red onion and a secret recipe balsamic coulis

Tuna Tower 
Yellow Fin Tuna tartare with cilantro, mango, avocado, toasted garlic and Sriracha-sesame sauce served with fried wonton

Salmon Rolls
Salmon marinated with Thai spices, basil leaves, tobiko caviar, Avocado wrapped in a spring roll skin served with cilantro aioli

Bacon Wrapped Scallop 
Tender sea scallop lightly wrapped in smoky bacon served with three flavors cream sauce

Crunchy Tofu
Organic Japanese tofu served with green apple and Sriracha cream

Papaya Salad 
Grilled prawns, shredded green papaya seasoned, tomato and peanuts served with tamarind lime dressing

Mango Salad 
Steamed prawns, sliced mango, red onions, mint, cilantro, Kaffir lime leaf and cashew nuts in spicy lemongrass dressing

Salmon Sashimi Salad 
Fresh mango, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaf, red onion, cucumber, green onion, cilantro and sesame oil with spicy lime dressing

Chieng-Mai Lettuce Wrap 
Famous northern-style chicken larb lettuce tossed with aromatic herb and onion served with Artisan romaine


Choice of Vegetarian or chicken 
Choice of calamari, mussels, or prawns
Seafood Combination 

Tom Yum
Hot & Sour soup with lemongrass, galangal, mushrooms, and tomatoes

Tom Kha
Traditional coconut soup with lemongrass, galangal, Kaffir lime leaf and mushroom

Tom Zap Beef NEW
Famous Northeast hot sour soup with lemongrass, galangal, Kaffir lime leaf, Thai basil, cilantro, and white mushroom

Kobe Beef 
“Snake River Farms” Kobe beef grilled to perfection served with black pepper shiitake mushroom

Volcanic Beef 
Wok-fried grilled premium USDA certified flank steak with basil, bell pepper and black pepper in Lava sauce garnished with onion rings

Herbal Kobe Pad–Cha NEW
Wok-fried “snake river farms” flats irons Kobe steak galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime, bell pepper, red curry jam and Thai basil

Garlic Lamb Ribs 
Deep-fried marinated rack of Australian lamb served with summer salad

Taro Rice & Kurobuta Pork Belly 
Slow-braised famous Kurobuta (Black Hog) served with secret five-spice reduction and Taro rice

Kana Moo-Krob 
Wok-fried Chinese broccoli with crispy pork belly, chili and garlic sauce
Kana = Chinese broccoli, Moo-Krob = crispy pork belly

Country Chicken 
Stir-fried lightly battered chicken with cashew, onion, garlic, red bell pepper and homemade honey-ginger sauce

Lemongrass Chicken 
Stir-fried chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, green onion and chili

Ka-Prow-Kai (Thai comfort food) 
Wok-fried minced chicken, Thai basil, fresh chili, red bell pepper and brown garlic sauce

Spicy Eggplant 
Stir-fried eggplant, basil, fresh chili, red bell pepper and choice of sliced chicken, beef, or pork

Honey Duck 
Roasted duck in honey glaze served over steamed bok choy with spicy black soy dipping sauce

Sizzling Tom Yum Seafood NEW
Wok-fried assorted fresh seafood, lemongrass, galangal, mushroom, tomato and hot & sour reduction served on sizzling plate

Angry Prawn 
Sautéed River prawns with curry paste and Kaffir lime leaf served over fried eggplant on a hot plate

Totally Scallop 
Curry peanut puree, and roasted sweet cashew nut butter; served with zucchini & carrot

Crisp Salmon
Crispy salmon topped with caramelized onion, mango, and pineapple red bell pepper, yam and crispy Thai basil 

Osha's Sea
Prawns, salmon, scallops calamari, mussels and crab claws with a thick spicy curry sauce and light coconut milk over roasted eggplant 

Lemongrass Sea Bass 
Steamed marinated sea bass with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf topped with fried lemongrass served in a clay pot

Grilled Sea Bass 
Glazed with sweet hot mustard, served with steamed baby bok choy and homemade spicy tangy sauce

Heavenly Sea Bass
Steamed fillet Chilean sea bass, lemongrass, basil, mushroom and spring cabbage topped with Asian style spicy garlic lime dressing 

Panang Curry 
Cube of premium USDA certified flank beef with bell pepper and basil leaf in Panang curry

Green Curry 
With bamboo shoots and choice of chicken or beef

Yellow Curry 
With bell pepper, onion, potato and choice of chicken, beef or pork

Duck Curry 
Sliced roasted duck with pineapple, grapes and tomatoes in red curry

Pumpkin Curry 
Kabocha pumpkin in red curry sauce choice of chicken, beef or pork topped with crispy yam

Hung-Lay Curry 
A fragrant and flavorful curry of Northwest Thailand with slow-braised cubes of Canadian pork, ginger, garlic and served with roti

Prawns Pineapple 
River prawns with lychee, pineapple, red bell pepper in red curry sauce

Thai Fried Rice    
Fried rice with egg, tomatoes, onion and green onion with the choice of chicken, beef or pork 

Crab Fried Rice 
Fried rice with egg, onion and green onion with fresh crab meat served with fresh cucumber 

Pineapple Fried Rice 
Fried rice with egg, tomato, onion, green onion, cashew nuts, raisins, pineapple, chicken and prawns

Pad Thai
Chicken, prawns or crab stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, chives, tofu and ground peanuts. Choice of rice noodle, silver noodle or fried wonton

Pad See You
Rice noodle pan-fried with Chinese broccoli, egg, black soy bean sauce and choice of chicken, beef or pork

Thai Spicy Pan Fried 
Rice noodle stir-fried with tomato, mushroom, bamboo shoots, Chinese broccoli, bell pepper, onion, basil, chili and choice of chicken, beef or pork

Vegetable Noodle Soup 
Fresh tofu, spinach, broccoli, bean sprouts in classic clear broth and Choice of egg noodles or rice noodles

Clay Pot 
Wok-fried, fresh tofu (lightly battered), shitake mushroom, green onion, celery, ginger and boy choy served in Japanese clay pot

Asparagus with Tofu 
Sautéed asparagus and tofu with garlic sauce

Spicy String Bean
Stir-fried string bean with chili paste sauce

Steamed assorted vegetables and tofu with peanut sauce