Volcano Beef

Volcano Beef

Volcanic Beef

Grilled angus flank steak, basil, black pepper, bell peppers in lava sauce with crispy
onion rings

Crying Tiger

Grilled angus flank steak served with curry rice, broccoli and tamarind dipping sauce

Country Chicken

Stir-fried battered chicken with cashew, onion, garlic, red bell pepper & homemade
honey ginger sauce

Grilled Australian Lamb

marinated with Thai herbs served with green salad

Lemongrass Tilapia

Bok choy, spinach, mushrooms, ginger, onions, lemongrass , sesame oil with honey
mushroom sauce

Spicy Catfish

Pan-fried catfish, wok-tossed with Japanese eggplant, garlic & kaffir lime leaf, basil
in lightly chilli sauce

Crisp Salmon

Crispy salmon topped with tamarind-caramelized onion sauce, cilantro topped with fried

Osha’s Sea combination

Seafood sautéed with curry paste, basil, kaffir lime leaf, bell pepper served over
fried eggplant

Angry Prawns

Sautéed river prawns with red curry paste, bell peppers, kaffir lime leaf served over
fried eggplant

Osha Spare Ribs

Grilled marinated Thai style spare ribs served with house salad

Grilled Five Spice Chicken

Marinated chicken thigh with thai herbs served with sweet & sour sauce, papaya salad
and sticky rice

Kao Mun Kai

Steam ginger chicken breast over ginger rice with ginger-chilli-soy sauce vinaigrette