Tomahawk Jungle Steak (Jumbo Steak)

32 oz bone-in ribeye steak, Thai-style jungle sauce, flower sticky rice served on a sizzling skillet

Kobe Beef

“Snake River Farms” Kobe-style beef grilled to perfection served with black pepper shiitake mushroom W/jasmine rice

Volcanic Beef (OSHA's Signature since 1997)

Wok-fried grilled premium USDA certified flank steak with basil, bell pepper and black pepper in Lava sauce garnished with onion rings

Garlic Lamb chops

Australian lamb chops fried to perfection topped with garlic sauce served with fresh cucumber & mustard green

Honey Duck

Roasted duck breast with honey glaze served over bok choy, jasmine rice, boiled egg, spicy soy dipping sauce and clear soup

Kurobuta Pork Belly

Slow-braised famous Kurobuta (Black Hog) served with secret five-spice reduction and flower sticky rice

Country Chicken

Stir-fried lightly battered chicken with cashew, onion, garlic, red bell pepper and homemade honey-ginger sauce

Lemongrass Chicken

Stir-fried chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, green onion and chili

Ka-Prow-Kai (Thai comfort food)

Wok-fried minced chicken, Thai basil, fresh chili, red bell pepper and brown garlic sauce served with fried egg

Garlic Pepper Chicken

Stir-fried chicken with garlic pepper sauce W/fried egg and jasmine rice

BBQ and crispy pork

BBQ pork and crispy pork belly W/jasmine rice, boiled egg, 5-spice gravy

Certified Angus BeefSnake River Farms